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Student Safety

Consutants Working At School Sites

  • Consultants must never be left alone with students.
  • If supervising staff must leave a room, the consultant must go with them.
  • Consultants must not use student restrooms.
  • Consultants are not permitted to be on campus without an escort.
  • Consultants must be escorted to and from the parking lot.
  • Supervised Contact forms which allow for Live Scan exemptions under certain circumstances are available from Josh Readman, Supervisor IV, Purchasing Department at

Presentations With Animals

When using animals during a class presentation, the purchase requisition must include a list of the animal(s) being used.  This list determines the amount of liability coverage that will be required of the consultant.

Generally, $2,000,000 in coverage is required for non-aggressive animals.  The types of animals that qualify as non-aggressive and aggressive are determined by the District's insurance carrier on a case by case basis.

If children will have contact with the animal(s), antibacterial dispensers must be available at all entrances and exits.  Staff members are to be stationed at each entrance and exit to encourage the use of the antibacterial gel.