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December 14, 2016

Exhibit 10: Independent Contractor, Professional Services, Field Service And Master Contract Agreements

Exhibit 13: Approval To Procure Eligbile Computer Hardware And Software Utilizing Requests For Proposals Process Relating To Learning Management System

Request for Proposal (RFP) No. 3-1617 - Learning Management System

Exhibit 17: State Of California Multiple Award Schedule Contract No. 4-16-84-0054a, General Services Administration Schedule No. Gs-07f-0011h, Information Technology Goods And Services-Systems Engineering Inc, Dba Assi Security

CMAS Contract No. 3-16-84-0054A

Exhibit 18: State Of California Multiple Award Schedule Contract Nos. 3-08-70-0876y, 3-11-70-0876ag, 3-13-70-0876al, 3-15-70-0876am, 3-15-84-0018b, 3-16-70-2382b, 3-11-70-0876ak, 03-01-70-0879h, 3-08-70-0876w And 3-16-84-0018c, General Services Administration Schedule Nos.Gs-35f-0505u, Gs-35f-0563u, Gs35f-0308u, Gs-35f-0511t, Gs-07f-0206w, Gs-35f-183da, Gs35f-0143r, Gs-35f-4748g, Gs-35f-0814n And Gs-07f-0200w, Respectively, Information Technology Goods And Services, Vector Resources Inc.

CMAS Contract No. 3-08-70-0876Y

CMAS Contract No. 3-11-70-0876AG 

CMAS Contract No. 3-13-70-0876AL 

CMAS Contract No. 3-15-70-0876AM 

CMAS Contract No. 3-15-84-0018B 

CMAS Contract No. 3-16-70-2382B 

CMAS Contract No. 3-11-70-0876AK 

CMAS Contract No. 03-01-70-0876H 

CMAS Contract No. 3-08-70-0876W

CMAS Contract No. 3-16-84-0018C