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Buyer Assignments

Assigned Commodities

Sonia LeTourneau - Buyer/Planner Tom Connolly - Buyer/Planner

Transportation Furniture & Equipment
Vehicles Vending Contracts
Public Works/Construction Public Works/Construction
M & O - Contracts and Services M & O - Contracts and Services
Architect Agreements Architect Agreements
Facilities Facilities
Unit Price Service Bids Unit Price Service Bids
Karolyn Naylor - Buyer  - Buyer

Batteries, Teaching Aids, Calculators, Handheld Whiteboards Automotive/Wood Shop Supplies

Audio Visual/Photo Equipment & Supplies

Big Playground Equipment Bus Passes
Cell Phones & Wi-Fi Cards - Verizon Chromebooks
Graphic Arts/Print Shop/Warehouse Open PO's Chromebook Carts
Warehouse Orders/Stock Supplies Computer Software Licenses
Utilities Computers/Cables/Laptop Batteries
Walkie Talkie Radios with Batteries Conferences/Field Trips/Training/Tickets
Purchasing's Open PO's Diplomas (Jostens)
Special Ed Remotes (Parent/Student Reimbursements) Facilities Rental Fees - Events
Costco/Smart & Final Open PO's (Home Economics) Health/Safety
Insurance/Banking/Personnel Matters (for payment only) Ink Toner Supplies/Copiers
Musical Instruments/Sheet Music Open PO's Library Supplies
Subscriptions Memberships
  Office Supplies (including Open PO's for office supplies)
  Outside Printing
  Rubber Stamps
  Science Supplies
  Sports/Athletic Equipment & Supplies
  Water Contracts - Bottled Water
Mardee Cassady - Buyer  Kristin Peters - Assistant Buyer
Appliances PR status/inquiries
Art Supplies Cal Card/Visa Administrator
Classroom Learning/Instructional Supplies Copier/Fax Technician
Food Service Bids Daily Mail
Food Services- Equip & Supplies Department Office Supply Orders
Maps & Globes File Management
Preschool Supplies & Equip. Insurance Certificates Database
Testing Materials Monthly Purchase Order Report
Videos/DVD's PO Listing
Books/Textbooks Public Records Requests
Special Ed PO's Purchasing Reports
Open PO's for Instructional Supplies Timesheets/Attendance
Board Meeting Dinners Vendors/Bidders List
  Yearly Files (RFP, Bids, Golden Rods)
  Piggyback Contract Listing Management